Clixsense: Make Money Viewing 30 Sec Ads

ClixSenseLogo2Clixsense is an organization that offers website publishers targeted and meaningful traffic. Website publishers get traffic and customers earn money; what a wonderful trade-off. As a potential customer, you get paid for viewing advertisements. All you have to do is go to Clixsense and sign up for free. After you sign up, you’re ready to earn money from the comfort of your home. Hold on, the only catch is that you have to keep your browser open for 30 seconds for each ad. Afterwards your account will be credited between 1 cent and 5 dollars. A number of individuals look at this opportunity as easy money; however let’s take a closer look. 80-90% of the time you’ll be clicking on ads that will pay you 1-2 cents per 30 seconds. Per hour, this adds up to minimum wage.


How Clixsense Works?

Clixsense allows each individual to earn money by just visiting a website or clicking on ads, you will be given multiple surveys to complete as well to earn more money. Surveys  are very easy because you will be given an instruction and all the information you needed to complete these surveys, all you have to do is to answer the questions correctly so you wouldn’t lose every dollar you will earn from surveys. There are several ways you can earn money with Clixsense especially when you upgrade your standard account to premium. If your account is premium it means you’ll have a better earnings. Although you can still earn a decent income with a standard account once you’ve generated a hundred or thousands of referrals.

Though it would take time for you to earn a decent income with Clixsense (with a standard account) since you have to generate tons of referrals and get a few cents for every person who signed up under your account who’ll be called as your downlines. There are several reasons why you should join Clixsense, because if you want to make some real bucks with Clixsense, you’ll just have to be an active member do all the tasks given by the company, complete all offers, join contests, refer others, or play games. Though quitting your job is not advisable, if you plan to focus yourself on Clixsense to earn a thousand bucks, then quitting your job is not the answer.


Clixsense Tutorial



How To Make More Money With Clixsense?

You might be wondering how you can earn more cash at Clixsense, well there’s 8 ways to make more money with Clixsense as seen on the screenshot above and as listed below:

1. Visiting website – Making money with Clixsense is easy, if you really want to make a great income with Clixsense, then be an active member. Clixsense will show you provide you (ads to click and visit) every now and then. And so far only Clixsense (seconded to neobux) will give you several ads to click from time to time. Those ads you’ll see on your dashboard has its expiration so much better to click on them before it expires.

2. Completing Offers – So what are these offers? You’ll be guided on what kind of offers you have to complete and once you’re done completing offers (you can see on your dashboard) you will be notified of how much money you earn from completing the offers.

3. Playing Clixgrid – Playing clixgrid is another way to earn more money with clixsense,  playing  clixgrid is like guessing where the cash prizes are placed. You’ll be given a chance to lick 25 times and you’ll get the chance to win $5 up to $50 USD which will be added to your earnings once you’ve clicked on the right spot.

4. Shopping Online – This one is not for free, I think you have to spend a little money to buy something and then you will earn points which you can turn into cash.

5. Taking Surveys – This once is much easier than any other tasks, as what I have mentioned above, that you will be guided to complete the surveys. Earnings on completing surveys will depend on what kind of survey you will take.  The survey is more on providing the right address of such business or establishments. You will earn $0.03 up to $3 per survey.

6. Completing Tasks – There are several tasks you can see on your dashboard, all you have to do is to check on them every now and then, because same as the ads, tasks offers also expired.

7. Contests – Joining contests are another way to earn more money with Clixsense. You will earn up to $5 once you win the price.

8. Referring Others – If you want to earn more money referring others, you have to promote your referral link its either on Facebook or via blog (if you’re running a blog) You will earn commission once you refer others.

In summary, there are tons trusted PTC sites you can choose from but then joining clixsense is recommended by me, there are few members who’ve been earning thousands of bucks at Clixsense by using the right strategy.


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